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About us

Our purpose, our drive

A non-profit organization focused on the interests of performing artists, Confluence - Creator of Vocations, accompanies them with efficiency and effectiveness in their reflections and their professional retraining. Guided by its values ​​of listening, respect, dedication and solidarity, the organization distinguishes itself through: 


  • its pragmatic approach which allows it to adapt with agility to individuals, to an  environment and to constantly changing contexts; 

  • its systemic approach by which it strives to create and nurture a cohesive coherent community of support for the benefit of artists in search of meaning; 

  • its sense of commitment toby taking part in the collective effort for the social protection of the artist.

Confluence - CV thus contributes in the effervescence of the cultural sector and to an economy hungry for talent.

Through its experience and expertise, Confluence – CV is the partner of choice for supporting artists in their reflective process. The organization offers sustained support at each of the stages leading to decision making and action, whether in identifying new ideas, deconstructing uncertainties, preparing to return to school, or in launching an entrepreneurial project. 

Confluence – CV keeps itself rigorously informed of changes in the cultural ecosystem and adapts its programs accordingly. The organization also makes it its responsibility to contribute to a better understanding of the issue of career retraining for artists, notably with regard to the general public, so that everyone becomes an agent of compassion.

Over the long term, Confluence - CV intends to promote its cause and align its actions with those of its Quebec, Canadian and international partners, creating a viable and competent support network. 

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Confluence - CV also thanks the Osler law firm for its outstanding support.


Confluence – CV est également fier membre du Réseau québécois en Innovation sociale. 

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