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For established artists​ of the performing arts

Confidential journey

Program objectives
  • To help artists overcome the career impasse in which they find themselves.  

  • Accompany them in their reflection by providing internal and external resources 

  • To temporarily shelter them from the external scrutiny and judgment during their FJORD journey, when circumstances call for it. 

  • Provide financial support for the acquisition of new skills.

  • To have made a well-founded decision as to the next steps in one's career: to return to one's artistic practice, to develop a complementary career, or to change careers.

  • Have, if the project leads to it, initiated training in a new field. 

Main specialists
  • Meetings with members of the Confluence - CV team, with experts in career counselling, psychology, or others, as needed.  

  • Possibility of attending conferences, if desired.

This project was made possible by the financial support of the Government of Quebec.

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