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Pilot Project - Volet 2


This program is intended for professional performing artists who are aware of, or are already experiencing the impact of aging on their lives as artists, and who wish to engage in a structured and supportive group process to better cope with the changes brought about by personal or professional circumstances related to aging.

Program objectives
  • Helping to understand change better. 

  • Break isolation.

  • Counteract negative circular thinking by creating new perspectives on one's situation.

  • Regain a sense of control and empowerment.

  • Foster a sense of trust, belonging and solidarity through group meetings and activities.

  • Have redefined personal or professional goals. 

Spécialistes principaux
  • Principal facilitator: Michel Brais, M.A. Drama, psychotherapist.

  • Assisted by Parise Mongrain, Executive Director of Confluence - CV


Ce projet est réalisé grâce au soutien financier du gouvernement du Québec.

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