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Like us, you are sensitive to the reality of performing artists. Help us encourage their new beginnings by making a donation today. 


Confluence - CV benefits from the fiscal sponsorship of the Conseil des arts de Montréal. This agreement allows you to support us while receiving an official receipt for tax purposes for each donation of $50 or more, but know that any contribution is appreciated! 

Our donors

Confluence - CV would like to thank the following donors, who contributed to the success of our first fundraising effort! It is together that we can continue to make the potential of creative minds shine.  


Yves Savoie

Philippe Douville 

Parise Mongrain 

Laurence Orillard 

Serge Brouillette

Urwana Coiquaud

Jacques Drapeau, ancien premier danseur Grands Ballets Canadiens

Sarah-Ann Larouche

Mickaël Spinnhirny

Jérémie Roy 

Gabrielle Desgagnés

Chantal Bilodeau

Sandra Lapierre

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