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With renewed momentum

Autumn is already well underway, but just before the frenzy of the back-to-school season began, Confluence - CV took time out to review a year of significant advances for our organization. We now enter the final sprint of 2023 with renewed momentum. We're proud to have spent the past year getting the first cycle of our entire system of programs and services up and running. Indeed, many artists of all disciplines and generations have benefited from the support of our sensitive and efficient accompaniment team, through our various programs and interventions. Some cohorts are still on their way, others have reached completion. We'd like to start by expressing our deep respect for their commitment, courage and perseverance in the processes that were suggested to them.

As a reminder, Confluence - CV's activities mean to first and foremost address the issue of career transition for performing artists. These transitions can be induced by discontinuity of work, underemployment or a lack of satisfaction that some artists may experience in the professional activities related to their practice. The knowledge we have acquired to meet this need is backed up by extensive research, numerous meetings with these artists and our extensive experience of the field.

Last March 2023, following a wide-ranging consultation of the entire cultural sector - the ambitious "Culture en action" project, proven indispensable to the cohesion of the milieu and the coordination of its efforts - Compétence Culture unveiled the Plan d’action pour les ressources humaines en culture. This document summarizes the major challenges faced by the cultural sector in terms of workforce management. At the end of this exercise, the sector was able to :

  • recognize the essential nature of the work to be done on career transition ;

  • select Confluence - CV as one of the carriers of the related measure ;

  • make this measure one of the top priorities of the Plan d’Action ;

  • confirm its analysis by the Board of Directors of Compétence culture, composed for the most part of the directors of cultural associations, who ratified these decisions.

"Acting now in a fast-changing sector, projecting into the future in order to develop a long-term vision of professional development, supporting career evolutions or transitions, accompanying the new generation in concrete, experiential learning - these are the new challenges to be met in order to support innovation in the various fields of cultural training."

We should also highlight that last fall, the Conseil québécois du théâtre invited Confluence - CV to be its partner in implementing certain measures of the Plan directeur du théâtre professionnel au Québec 2023-2033. This Plan designates Confluence - CV as a partner for essential measures related to the "transformations of career paths for people in the theatre sector"**, notably in terms of facilitating "access to career guidance or reorientation consulting services for the various forms of career transition"** and of the development of "mechanism[s] and end-of-career conditions that are rewarding and that mitigate the financial impact of retirement"**.

It goes without saying that we are fully aligned with these initiatives, and that we intend to do everything in our power to help them come to fruition. We'll be building on the refreshing energy of autumn to reiterate our intention to honor the trust placed in us by our partners, and above all, to pursue our mission of accompanying performing artists in their professional reflections and requalifications.

Please note that the quotes are in French in their original version and that the ones presented here are free translations by Confluence - CV.


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