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Dance artist and scientific diver : Giverny's path

" Being part of the Cohérence program gave me access to a multitude of tools that helped me understand my personal values, and the options available to me as a dance artist. More importantly, I felt recognized and validated because, as part of a cohort of artists, I realized that my issues weren't so unique, even though we were all learning to understand each of our own specific needs. And so, we quickly realized that in order to build a lasting career, an alternative training program is not only a way to find financial stability, but also to contribute to one's professional development. 

In my case, I was able to train as a scientific diver and gain access to digital data, useful in the creation of my performance works. Finally, thanks to the program's financial and moral support, I have been able to enter the world of biology, a universe that fascinates me and aligns with my deepest values, and to contribute to the research and health of underwater environments, while at the same time engaging myself in my artistic practice. "

- Giverny Welsch, artist participating in our Cohérence III program


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