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Learning to navigate

I was drawn to the Coherence program because I was questioning my career path. I wanted to explore my multiple interests, and find out how to navigate between the fear of moving away from my artistic community and the desire to return to school, both to complement my dance practice and to allow myself to step back from it a little.

Thanks to Cohérence, I've been able to access a number of tools to help me make the best decision for my situation, whether through career guidance sessions, stress management workshops or values analysis. I also believe that following this path alongside a group of artists who are asking themselves similar questions has been very beneficial for me. It has enabled me to feel less alone in my reflection process, and to benefit from new perspectives in order to fuel my questioning of my career path.

At the moment, I'm in a process of university education in the field of sexology. Possibly to work as an intimacy coordinator in various artistic fields (including dance, which doesn't have many resources in this area), or to work in education or research. I feel that several avenues are possible for me, and I thank the program for giving me all these keys, enabling me to move forward with my professionalization project.


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