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L'École de danse de Québec invites Confluence - CV back!

Our increasingly popular workshops and conferences (including La CNESST (santé et sécurité) et moi and Construire la solidarité par l'intelligence émotionnelle) undoubtedly deal with subjects that have a direct impact on artists' workplace protection and satisfaction. In 2023, Confluence - CV has indeed taken this workshop offer on the road, reaching out to the community in a variety of contexts, such as the BJM 360 high-performance workshop, the ÉDCM career management course, the École de danse de Québec's 2023 graduating class event, the Maison pour la danse continued training program, the Machinerie des arts lunchtime lectures and various work teams. Our mission has vibrated in more than one place, and each time, in a unique and rich way, as we have made new and inspiring encounters. 

In early October, L'École de danse de Québec renewed its invitation to Confluence - CV. This time, the idea was to present some of our workshops to the first- and third-year students of their professional training program, as well as to the ÉDQ faculty. Our General Manager Parise therefore spent a few days in the Capitale-Nationale, sharing her knowledge of solidarity and emotional intelligence with first-year DEC students. The cohort of future graduates received a 4-hour training session, during which a succession of subjects were covered: the workings of the CNESST (SST section), employment contracts in dance, associative life and the Loi sur le statut de l'artiste (S-32.1).  

Confluence - CV is very happy to highlight its warm relationship with the Quebec City dance community. Indeed, we're always grateful for the opportunity to join their initiatives, which aim to enable future artists to embark on their professional careers as equipped, caring, alert and aware as possible. 

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