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Parise visits Ballets Jazz de Montréal!

Photo credits: @David Wong, courtesy of Ballets Jazz Montréal

Confluence - CV is always delighted to receive invitations from our partners in the cultural sector, since knowledge transfer is one of our core values. Spending time with cultural workers and artists, participating in roundtables and discussions, or presenting our workshops and conferences, is unfailingly enlightening for us as we're passionate about improving artists' living and working conditions. Sharing what we do and how we work to address the challenges of professional artistic life is indeed part of our services. Moreover, we're proud to do so with the support of our own dynamic educational content, tailor-made for our various interventions, whether in professional or school settings.

In recent weeks, Parise - our ambassador and General Manager at Confluence - CV - accepted an invitation from Ballets Jazz Montréal and visited them twice. First of all, with the artists taking part in the BJM 360 event, she was able to spark new awareness in her sharing of knowledge about solidarity, interpersonal relations and the basics of reasoned negotiation. It was a rich experience, as these concepts are essential to our workplaces. Then, as part of the development days for administrative and artistic staff, Parise led a two-hour workshop for BJM's team.

“Having Parise share her years of experience and expertise with the company is invaluable to us. Her insight and wisdom on effective communication and conflict resolution are powerful tools that we continue to practice and hope to fully embody. The awareness that her workshops have provided to the whole team is so important to the development of each individual in our company. Knowing our team has Parise as a resource and extension of our own team means so much to us!”

- Marie-Joëlle Tremblay, Directrice générale de Ballets Jazz Montréal

Contributing to a better understanding of artists' careers issues is an integral part of Confluence - CV's mission. We believe that it is through open and informed discussion that we can develop greater awareness of these topics. For us, increased empathy, both towards ourselves and towards our fellow artists, represents a concrete tool for the implementation of sustainable working relationships.

For more information about the BJM 360 event :


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