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Confluence - CV visits YES Employment + Entrepreneurship Montréal!

Photo credits : YES Employent + Entrepreneurship

YES Employment + Entrepreneurship Montreal recently invited our General Manager Parise, so that she would present our programs and actions to their team.YES is an English-speaking Montreal-based employability organization. Their offer also reaches out to the artistic community, across all artistic disciplines. Indeed, YES offers visual artists and performing artists support in cultural entrepreneurship, for all needs relating to audience and network development, public relations and marketing, fundraising and grant writing, as well as time management and prioritization.

« A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Parise Mongrain, Director of Confluence - CV, at our offices. As an advisor to artists of all ages, I'm particularly touched by the issue of career transitions. I was delighted to discover that there was an organization devoted entirely to the difficulties faced by artists at different stages of their careers, and that the service was adapted to their reality. In Parise, I found great wisdom, compassion and knowledge of issues such as artistic bereavement. I myself would have liked to have had access to such a program during my career transition, but failing that, I'm happy to be able to refer the artists I accompany today to it. »

- Caroline Gauthier, artist business coach at YES

Confluence - CV is always eager to share its mission and values with like-minded organizations. We would therefore like to highlight this most enjoyable first meeting with YES Employment + Entrepreneurship Montreal.

To learn more about YES Montréal's offer to artists:


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