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CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - Archipel Pilot Project - Volet 2

Deadline for applications : March 15, 2023 at 4:59 pm

" Aging is an individual undertaking, but it is one that we share with our fellow human beings! Reflecting in a group allows us to see ourselves more clearly, by bringing together our individual experiences, and to be supported, individually, by the energy that the group process deploys."

- Michel Brais, M.A. art dram, psychotherapist

Confluence - Créateur de vocations puts the working conditions of performing artists, their physical, psychological and socio-economic health at the center of its concerns and actions. After having launched programs for emerging and established artists, we are now ready to launch the pilot phase of the Archipel - Volet 2 program.

This brand new program is specifically designed for artists 55 years of age and older, who are apprehending or already experiencing the impact of aging on their lives as artists. Through its Archipel - Volet 2 program, Confluence - CV supports artists who wish to engage in a structured and caring group process to better cope with the changes brought on by personal or professional circumstances related to aging.

The Archipel - Volet 2 program offers a space for introspection, listening and dialogue among peers, reflection and exchange around enlightening notions. Archipel is a process that will help artists to find new tools and to support each other in order to strengthen their ability to act in the face of the transformations that are occurring.

Principal facilitator : Michel Brais, M.A. in dramatic arts, psychotherapist.

Assisted by Parise Mongrain, General Manager of Confluence - CV.


A limited selection committee, bound by strict confidentiality, will select the artists who will participate in the program.

To apply, you must:

  • Be 55 years of age or older

  • Be (or have been) a professional artist working in one or more performing arts disciplines

  • Be able to demonstrate at least 10 years of activity as a professional artist in Québec

  • Have a sufficient grasp of the French language to be able to converse and read fluently, as this trial phase of the program will be conducted solely in French.

  • Be available on the dates indicated (see Duration tab below)

  • Have the interest to invest yourself in serious reflection

  • Be able to commit to a respectful, caring and supportive attitude towards other group members and facilitators.

Program's objectives



Participants' contribution


Questions ?

To submit your application, please send us the following form, duly completed, before March 15, 2023 at 4:59 pm.

The Archipel Program Pilot Project - Volet 2 : a moment of pause to assess the state of things, to make sense of them and to project ourselves into the future, motivated by updated and attainable goals!

This project is made possible thanks to the financial support of the Government of Quebec.


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