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A luminous flame, a testimonial by Geneviève Smith-Courtois

Reflecting, at its half-way point, on my journey with the FLEUVE program, I'd like to emphasize how much I value the soft skills with which the entire Confluence - Créateur de vocations team has welcomed me as a woman artist. When I first started this wonderful adventure, the pandemic had created by far the greatest void that I'd ever experienced in my life, a pause that I felt was an inevitable repercussion to a precarious career choice that’s deeply linked to my identity, as well as to a career debut filled with projects and investment. I have always felt, from everyone at Confluence - CV, an absolute respect for my outright refusal to consider, even in these uncertain times, a new professional activity that would not be artistic. In fact, I have undeniably experienced this first year as a confirmation of the soundness of my career choice - that of a movement artist, specializing in auteur dance with a meta-artistic, interdisciplinary and feminist stance - and as a real encouragement to continue along the path that has always been and always will be mine.

The various trainings offered by FLEUVE, supported by the solidarity forged through the rich group encounters, have fostered, as expected, the renewal of my sense of belonging. The group sessions have also given me the opportunity to reflect deeply, both on the aspects that specifically and very directly impact the professional sphere of my life, and on those of my personal life that have an indirect but profound influence on my professional situation. As for the RÉCIF program, it was an opportunity to significantly deepen notions I had already explored, by contextualizing them more appropriately to my artistic aspirations thus generating invaluable knowledge that is clearly already enabling me to better project myself into the years to come. Finally, at the crossroads between the group phase and the individual follow-up phase, I'm sincerely very grateful for what's being envisioned and the opportunities I'm being offered.

In every respect, my experience at Confluence - Créateur de vocations feels like a luminous flame of hope in these times of renewal.


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